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Persuasive B2B & Sales Enablement Content Copywriter

Hi. I'm Cee Cee.

I confess…I’m addicted to words. The influence they have on decision-making is powerful and fascinating.

It’s why I help business owners, marketers, and sales teams with writing their content and sales materials. Conversion rates go up when the right words are used to produce engaging and persuasive email campaigns, ads, landing pages, sales templates, and other marketing content.

With my persuasive writing skillset and techniques, I can help you or (your team) SELL MORE and grow your business by turning prospects into customers. I do this by using the best practices on what really works in today’s selling environment customized to fit your needs.


Healthcare & Customer Service Content

Are you looking for help with your written content from someone who has experience in customer service and the healthcare industry?

When you ask me to join your team, I bring over 25 years of experience working in customer service roles…some of them including animal healthcare, people healthcare, call centers, and volunteer services with public schools and non-profit organizations.

In fact, working with these businesses and organizations has provided me with a kaleidoscope of experience and instincts when it comes to understanding what your customers are searching for when they seek out your products and services to solve their problems.

B2B Content

How are you currently marketing and selling your products and services? Do you need more content?


Email campaigns

Landing pages

Online ads

Sell sheets

Website product pages

And more…

Sales Enablement Copywriting

How are sales going? Does your team need more content and materials to SELL MORE?


Email templates

Call scripts


Sales decks

Selling guides

And more…


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